Pst. Victor Okwuzi 

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Is an extensively travelled Nigerian. A patriot and a nationalist.  He was born in the South West, hails from the South South, schooled in the North East, lives in the North Central and visits the North West and South East for business, work and recreation.

He is multi-disciplinary, possessing a B.Sc in Geology & Mining, PGD in Management, and an MBA in Human Resources.  He is also a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development. He functions and operates unhindered in all the various field of his endeavor.  He is also a business man in the area of fashion and ICT.

He has been a team member and team leader of various projects from baseline surveys, pro poor surveys, urban housing and household surveys. He has also been part of projects funded by UN Habitat, Water Aid Nigeria etc.

He is married with children and his committed to community service through the church (Faith Based Organisation). A thinker, analyst and ideals persons, who loves to read and travel.

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